If you are in one of our bootcamps or TRX classes or have taken a bootcamp, TRX or even a trial class, I would be soooo grateful if you could send me a testimonial (even just a few words) to be posted here!



I love how comfortable the environment is! You get pushed without feeling intimidated, the atmosphere is amazing. The Mom and Baby bootcamp is a cool way to bond with your baby but still getting a workout, and when my little is fussy or not interested I just use a weight instead. The regular bootcamp is awesome, whole body workout but it goes by quickly so you don’t notice how hard it is. Both classes you can do at your own pace, no matter your fitness level. Strongly reccommend these classes!!

– Emily R.


Bootcamp has been LIFE changing for me! Other than dropping the inches, I am sleeping better, I am stronger than ever, and just overall holding my head up higher! Nicole is one of the best trainers I’ve ever had! Motivating, positive and always has an alternate move to suit specific needs. Thank you to the moon and back!!!!

-Lindsy R.


Trying Mom and Baby TRX this time around and LOVING IT! Nicole is amazing at helping you push your body & mind in a great way!! She’s also amazingly patient and helpful with the ‘babies’!
I’ve tried most of the classes up to date and love them al!
Thanks Nicole!

-Jenny W.


I’ve lost 10 pounds so far! I really should have done measurements before I started! Slowly but surely postpartum body is getting back to normal! I love that Nicole gradually makes things more challenging as well, keeps the body guessing!

-Kelly R.


Since joining, I have gained more upper body strength and Nicole knows how to push you to better yourself! Joining TRX and Baby Bootcamp has not only motivated me to get in shape and loose the baby weight, but to make a life style change. Thanks Nicole!!

– Jocelyn H.


I highly recommend Body Design Fitness. This was my very first time doing a class of any exercise type (boot camp)! It is intense and totally worth every penny!! Nicole is so supportive, I got over my nervousness and insecurities within the first half of class

– Mallory A.


Doing a baby bootcamp and loving it!

– Lisa M.


Love TRX! Mommy and Baby bootcamp great way to exercise, bond with babe and socialize with other mommas!

– Sarina B.


Working out with Nicole has been the best decision I have made for my well being. She is very caring and genuine about helping you reach your goals. Her workouts are hard but leave you feeling very accomplished!! I’ll definitely be back for more

-Jenny H.


Love the Mom and Baby TRX.Β Nicole is very accommodating with the little ones, they have a little social gathering while moms exercise! Highly recommend her classes.

-Melissa B.


My gluteus maximus hurt for days after last week’s bootcamp! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

-Nicole B.


Nicole’s bootcamp is awesome! She is always throwing in fun little challenges each class to keep our bodies guessing!! My 11 month old keeps planking everywhere since joining us! lol

-Kelly R.


Nicole’s TRX and bootcamp are challenging but fun and the environment is very welcoming. There isn’t any yelling or intimidation at these classes, just a bunch of ladies pushing and supporting each other. I’m hooked!

-Steph B.


I’ve been loving the Bootcamp and TRX classes! Nicole is awesome!!!

-Lisa C.


Love the Sunday morning workout @ Springbank!! Thank you Ladies for a wonderful morning in the park, great way to start the day!!

– Kelly M.


I came to body design fitness in search of help with my post baby body. I am so impressed with the boot camp and the training she provides. I felt the challenge of learning new things, along with the reward of my results! I lost a total of 9 inches in 6 weeks. Thanks so much- can’t wait to sign up again for more classes! πŸ™‚

-Brittny S.


Just finished mom and baby bootcamp and could not be more impressed! I also tried TRX a few times and it is so much FUN! Nicole is so motivating, she can always provide variations of the workout to suit every individual. This is such a comfortable and positive environment to work out in. I felt AWESOME after every class. Highly recommend!

-Veronica D.


I love how I feel soreness in a different muscle group after each class and even tho I despise lunges and squats I am down 2.5in in each thigh. πŸ™‚

-Tara W.


Loved spending time with Nicole and the rest of the TRX groupies. Lots of laughs and fun times! I lost 13 inches from my whole body! So excited for that! I can’t wait to get my OSAP cheque so I can do it all over again! πŸ˜‰

-Lydia V.


Absolutely love these workout classes ! Nicole is great at incorporating your little babe !

-Lisa H.


Nicole is so motivating I am starting to see my waist again and I feel amazing. Such a comfortable non judgmental place to work out!!

-Heather V.


The TRX class is amazing!

-Lindsey P.


A total full body work out. AMAZING. the hour passed by so quick! Can’t wait for next week!

-Vlatka N.


Currently doing the Bootcamp classes and LOVE it!! Nicole is great at giving you an awesome workout, and making it fun at the same time! Highly recommend! πŸ™‚

-Christina V.


I’m loving these classes!! Really helps that Nicole gives you just the right amount of encouragement, I have never done any sort of classes like this before and can’t wait to throw in a TRX class!!

-Cindy B.


Loving my Wednesday night Boot Camp with Body Design Fitness! Nicole knows how to make you work hard to meet your goal and does so in an easy going and fun way. Highly recommend!

-Orly S.