Are you too busy to make it to a class at the gym? Do you like those workout DVD’s but never stick to them because there is no one there keeping you accountable? Are you worried you aren’t doing the exercises correctly? Would you like to get your workout done first thing so you have time in the evening to spend with your family and make it to your children’s activities?


We are so excited to be launching our new online classes. Oh ya! That is right! This will be a home workout like no other! I will be right there with you doing the class but you will be participating from your home, all you need is a set of weights, a device to watch the videos and the desire to lose some unwanted weight.


For only $5/class you’ll be getting three classes a week, with the videos to do extra workouts everyday if you choose to.


Classes run:

Tuesdays – 6am

Thursdays – 6am

Saturdays – 7am


Current clients and members – about $3/class

Non-Members – only $5/class


** Please only select “member” if you are currently registered and attending a class with Body Design Fitness **

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