Mom and Baby/Tot TRX

I get asked all the time about this class. It has to be my favourite! We’re educating and inspiring more than just the moms working out, also the babies and kids watching their moms. It’s a major bonding experience.


Mom and Baby TRX

This is not your regular fitness class, it’s so much more. It’s about getting out of the house WITH your little ones. It’s about getting out with other moms in the same position as you. It’s about bonding with your little ones. And of course it’s about getting a great workout and shedding some unwanted weight, inches and body fat.


Mom and Baby TRX

TRX will help increase your energy, put you in a better mood and improve your sleep. Not to mention your little ones sleep great after too!

This class is also great for our pregnant mamas!

Mom and Baby TRX

Have older kids? More than one kid? Bring them all! This is your workout, you make the rules. What would it mean to you to have your children grow up watching you live a healthy lifestyle? What would it mean to you to continuously inspire your children to live a healthy lifestyle. Show them how by taking care of yourself.

Belly Binding with Kelly Rogers

Hello to all the lovely mama’s of London and area,

My name is Kelly Rogers, owner of Happy Rock Holistics, with an incredible passion for holistic health and wellness. For the last seven years, my interest and drive to promote natural health options continually grows. My roots were planted with Holistic Spa Therapy where I worked with herbs & botanical infusions, specifically created for unique skin conditions. From there I grew into providing massage and really found my passion in deep tissue massage, specializing now in massage for pregnancy and infants and hot stone massage. Blending and using unique combinations of essential oils enhanced my journey, bringing a love and enjoyment into everything I do. Currently, I blend all the above into my present adventures, while teaching workshops and making 100% natural products, sold locally and on Etsy.

I’m the girl who wants to save the planet and heal the world. This intensified while I was pregnant and found a magical desire and connection to holistic pregnancy and birth and as my daughter, aged 2, and belly for our next little babester continues to grow, so does my quest for natural childhood health options.

Sacred Pregnancy is this really beautiful movement I came across when I was pregnant with my first babe. My naturopath at Rebirth Wellness told me about it and I remember feeling such a connection with this ‘love labour’ talk and creating positivity around birth.

They were holding live retreats around the world, and I was finally able to pursue a few of the training courses offered. I’ve completed Sacred Pregnancy Retreat instructor + am Certified Belly Binding Artist.

If you haven’t heard of Postpartum Benkung Belly Binding, here are some of the benefits:

1.assist in abdominal wall retraction (diastasis recti) 2. supports the womb after birth and speeds up the process of contraction 3. great for C-section healing 4. protects and assists swollen internal organs to return to their pre pregnant shape 5. tightens other body parts covered by the binding that may have lost muscle tone during pregnancy 6. improves circulation + breaks down fat and cellulite, accelerates fat burning 7. relieves water tension 8. supports spine and posture realignment 9. Support the pelvic floor 10. Offers back support 11. Release of muscular and tendon tension throughout the torso region 12.stabilizes loosened ligaments 13. helps close ribcage & hips to previous dimensions with steady pressured support 14. looks sexy 15. feels great

I would come to your place usually around day 3-5 to bind your belly. It is always lovely to pair your Belly Binding experience with a little bit of postpartum healing treatment. Whether you would like to choose from:

Ayurvedic Belly Firming Paste $25 Hot Stone Abdominal Press $15 Warming Oils Massage $20 Tuck in Ceremony + Blessing $20.

The Belly Bind on it’s own is $120 for me to bind and give you in home tutorial on binding is $25.

To borrow a bind just for the 40 day binding period is $65, instead of $120.

There is an Honoring bath + Flower crown that is also added into the whole Honouring Mama Package for $225 which includes all of the above.

You can wear the bind over top of clothes, on top of the underlay, or on bare skin.

You can wash the bind yourself. If it’s easier postpartum I can do a pick up, wash, iron, and deliver again for an extra $20.

It’s super common for friends and family to come together and honor the mama as well as a more private healing experience. Anyone who supports your post baby healing process are welcome to be present during the ceremony as well. It makes an unforgettable gift and experience.

Please feel free to connect with me regarding any of the information you have read.

So happy that I was able to share my experience and passions with you here, thanks for reading, and I look forward to treating you ladies!

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Kelly Rogers 519-319-5721

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Exercise after baby

It is not just about losing “baby weight” after baby is born, for most moms, it is just nice to get out of the house. Whenever you decide to start exercising again it is best to consult with your health care provider, but you must listen to your body. If something is uncomfortable or hurts, you should take a break. Every delivery is different and even if  you feel you are okay to start back, there could be more going on than you think.  


The biggest thing to remember is that stubborn baby weight didn’t show up overnight, and it won’t go away overnight. It took nine months to gain it, so be patient with yourself when you are working on losing it. Don’t compare yourself to the mom next to you, we all have different body types and metabolisms and we change at different rates.


According to the Mayo Clinic:


Regular exercise after pregnancy can:

  • Promote weight loss, particularly when combined with reduced calorie intake
  • Improve your cardiovascular fitness
  • Restore muscle strength and tone
  • Condition your abdominal muscles
  • Boost your energy level
  • Improve your mood
  • Relieve stress
  • Help prevent and promote recovery from postpartum depression

Better yet, including physical activity in your daily routine helps you set a positive example for your child now and in the years to come.

Physical activity goals

For most healthy women, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity — preferably spread throughout the week — after pregnancy. Consider these guidelines:

  • Take time to warm up and cool down.
  • Begin slowly and increase your pace gradually.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Wear a supportive bra and, if you’re breast-feeding, nursing pads in case your breasts leak.
  • Avoid excessive fatigue.
  • Stop exercising if you feel pain.

Benefits of group exercise

Exercise does not always have to be boring, hard work. Yes, it can actually be fun. Think of group exercise as a night out with friends, but you are doing something beneficial for yourselves. There are so many awesome factors to group fitness classes. You can do these classes with your friends or you can meet new people and create new friendships. This then brings in the accountability factor, if you miss a class the other participants will be asking where you were and why you missed class. This will really help you stick to your goals because you won’t want to let down the others in the class. When you see the other people in the class doing certain exercises it makes you believe you are also able to complete those exercises, so you push yourself a little bit more. Studies have shown that you are more likely to push yourself in a group setting. Getting fit can often be lonely, especially when you are just getting started. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it shouldn’t be.


Another great thing about classes is that you don’t even have to think about your workout. You show up and the instructor has designed a safe and effective workout. All these exercises require no previous exercise knowledge or experience. The instructor also helps to make sure you maintain proper form, which will prevent injuries. Instructor also help meet individuals diverse needs. During these classes the instructor will offer options for modifications for exercises and teach you how to exercise properly. A really awesome benefit of group classes is that the instructor explains benefits of each exercise, which then increases reasons to complete the workout. The instructor will include a variety of equipment to keep you motivated and interested. It is the instructor’s job to keep encouraging you to keep you on track.


Studies have shown that you burn more calories in fitness classes, and there is higher endorphin output. Not to mention better performance due to regular attendance. Group classes are on a set day at a set time so it is easy to fit it into your schedule and commit because it is always the same. Time will fly by during the workouts because you get to be social and discuss what is going on in your life. You may even be able to come up with solutions to problems as you talk with other participants. You get so much support from other participants, not just about your workout but in real life situations as well. You also get a sense of belonging.

Group fitness classes are more entertaining and have a variety of workouts. You get a full body workout in just an hour. Classes are lead by someone you can trust and that leader creates an environment with “rules”, direction and a clear plan. Participating in a group fitness class makes you part of a close-knit community that sweats, aches and achieves together!

Mummy Tummy Restoration

Do you have that stubborn bulge right around your belly button? Do you have lower back pain? Do you feel like you have no balance? Do you have sciatica pain? Do you pee your pants when you cough, sneeze, laugh, run or jump? Whether or not you just had a baby or your baby is five, ten twenty years old, if this was never dealt with and fixed it will still linger around!


Widening and thinning of the mid line tissue occurs in response the force of the uterus pushing against the abdominal wall, in conjunction with pregnancy hormones that soften connective tissue. A mid line of more than 2 to 2.5 finger-widths, or 2 centimeters, is considered problematic. Diastasis recti can occur anytime in the last half of pregnancy but is most commonly seen after pregnancy when the abdominal wall is lax and the thinner mid line tissue no longer provides adequate support for the torso and internal organs.


Diastatsis recti reduces the integrity and functional strength of the abdominal wall and can aggravate lower back pain and pelvic instability. Separation in a previous pregnancy significantly increases the probability, and severity, of the condition in subsequent pregnancies. Women expecting more than one baby, petite women, those with a pronounced sway back, or with poor abdominal muscle tone are at greatest risk. Genetics also plays a big role. For some women, it simply how their bodies respond to pregnancy.


The exercises are actually quite simple to help heal this. We offer a few programs to help with this, programs for the new mom, the experienced mom and we even do one on one programming. Sometimes it can be fixed with just with just breathing exercises.