As a woman who has always struggled with my weight I knew there had to be something that actually worked but that was also fun! I found that in TRX suspension training and Bootcamp classes. That is when I decided I wanted to bring this to others, I got certified in TRX and in Bootcamp and started my own business, Body Design Fitness. I have always loved helping others, but the joy and happiness you can bring to others by allowing them to help themselves become healthy is like nothing else. Working out in a group setting is so much more than just working out though, it is a way to socialize and vent about everything going on in your life and as moms, we all need that. All of our classes are designed for every fitness level and can easily be modified or adjusted to make it more difficult, if needed.

I continued to teach while I was pregnant, and returned shortly after I had my little guy, Hunter in March 2013. While I was teaching I wore him in a carrier and began to think, I am probably not the only mom who doesn’t want to put my kid in daycare or get a sitter to be able to go workout, not to mention pay for a sitter on top of gym fees. That is when I started the Mom & Baby classes. There is nothing better for a new mom than to get out and be with other moms, and adding a fitness component is even better. This is not your average mom group, we still discuss the stages your baby is at and talk all about our little ones, but we are working out at the same time so YOU get something out of it. This mom group is actually about the moms!! You have been through so much during your pregnancy and now with your little one (or not so little one for some) that you deserve to do something for yourself, you are worth putting effort into yourself. And how amazing is it for your kids to grow up watching you being healthy and active?
We offer a variety of classes from Bootcamps and TRX in the evenings and on weekends to Mom & Baby TRX and Bootcamps during the day and some evenings. We love to help not only new moms, but everyone on their journey to become healthier. I really love and am impressed with the amount of people who make the time to do something for themselves and even include their little ones. When you include your baby in your workout, it is a whole new bonding experience. When you register for a fitness class, you don’t always know what to expect but I can tell you that you will not only come out at the end being much more healthy and more fit, but also with some friends and a great support system.