5 Benefits of TRX Training

5 Benefits of TRX Training


TRX training, also called suspension training sometimes, has become incredibly popular over the last few years among small studio gyms and even large chain gyms. This kind of training is popular for a reason: it works. Here are 5 benefits to TRX training to show you why you should definitely look into this kind of training.


Anyone Can Do It

This kind of training, while it mean seem complicated, actually works for beginners to elite level athletes. By changing your body position slightly you can increase or decrease intensity meaning that even if you’re just getting into fitness you can take these classes.


It’s Versatile

This kind of training uses two bands hooked together by an anchor, which is usually on the ceiling. Why does this make it versatile? Well, it means this kind of training can be set up pretty much anywhere, in any gym for a small or large size training group. It doesn’t have a lot of equipment required so you can basically set it up anywhere you work out and have a complete, full body workout without a lot of set up.


Cardio and Strength Benefits

When it comes to designing a workout routine many people feel like they have to focus on just cardio, or strength – they can’t have both. Well, with TRX you can. These workouts will increase both your cardiovascular endurance and your muscle strength. When working out, by increase the speed in which you complete the exercises you can increase the effort needed by your heart and lungs which helps with endurance levels.


Low Impact

Whether you are recovering from a previous injury or you are just a fan of low impact workouts, TRX is definitely low impact. It’s designed to be focused on suspension which means that the impact to your joints is minimal, and therefore won’t be put under as much stress when compared to other workouts.


Always Something Different

For many people going to the gym can seem to be tedious, which means they won’t continue going because they don’t enjoy it. Running on a treadmill might become boring very quickly, and some beginners may feel intimidated by trying out the weight room for the first time by themselves. TRX gives the benefits of both kinds of workouts and it will feel a lot less intimidating for beginners. What’s more is that you can easily change up the workout to keep it interesting, and you’ll stay engaged when you aren’t always doing the same thing.


TRX, or suspension training, is a great introductory workout for anyone looking to lose weight or add some fitness into their life. Further it’s flexible and can accommodate limitations and injuries to help you get the most out of your workout. With both strength and cardio benefits this unique way of training will carry you through all levels of training: as you increase you abilities and level of fitness you can change up the routine and increase the level of difficulty. Overall, TRX training is a fantastic way to add some fitness into your life, and the benefits will combine the best of all difference kinds of workouts.