Overall health is not just about fitness – but fitness is key 

Overall health is not just about fitness – but fitness is key 


When talking about becoming healthier and feeling better most people automatically assume that you’re just going to start working out, but that isn’t the only thing you need to think about when looking at a healthier lifestyle. There are a few other factors to living a well-balanced, healthy life and it isn’t just about hitting the gym. Here’s the other key factors to maintaining balance in your life, without feeling like you’ll completely lose who you are.



This cannot, cannot be stressed enough. Sleep is likely the biggest thing you’re missing out on. Most adults need about 7-8 hours per night; now there are a select few who can actually function on less than that and not be affected, but most of us can’t. Getting a good, restful sleep every night is crucial for living a balanced life, and for ensuring you are completely present in every aspect of your life. Skipping out on sleep in favour of catching up on TV shows will catch up with you, whether you like it or not. Get some rest!



Well, obviously. But in all seriousness that foods you choose can also have an affect on your ability to concentrate and your motivation. When you feel better, you start to want to feel better all the time. This means that you’ll want to consistently eat better when you realize how good it feels. Make sure you get the nutrition your body needs, and not just the latest fad diet. It will be a consistent effort to choose the right foods in the beginning, but once you know how your body reacts to certain foods it will motivate you to continue to eat that way.


Mental Vacations

Most people will talk about how they go on vacation just to get away from it all – every day life, the stress, the responsibilities, the never ending To Do lists – all of it. What this means is they need a mental vacation, and some time to just do nothing while they can recharge. This doesn’t have to be sitting on a beach or backpacking through Europe – it can really be just a week away from everything you don’t want to do. Taking the time to mentally prepare for upcoming work, projects or family events is crucial to your overall health and should be considered important time with yourself. Take the time – you won’t regret it.


Physical Fitness

Incorporating physical fitness routine into your schedule is great for all parts of your health – not just the physical. While it will show the most benefit to you physically it can also have fantastic benefits to your mental health. Working out regularly can help you to focus on tasks on work and can also help you have restful sleep at night, and a good night’s sleep is very important to overall health too. When you have physical fitness as a priority in your life, everything else just seems to line up – ever wonder why? In order to excel in your chosen area of working out you need to ensure you are sleeping an appropriate amount, eating the foods that align with your body’s needs and you are mentally prepared for the workout to come. Fitness needs all of those things in order for it to work: if you are eating foods that aren’t nutritionally sound your performance will suffer. If you aren’t sleeping enough, you won’t want to work out. By ensuring all the other aspects of your health align then your workout will fall right into place and your overall health will be maintained.

5 Reasons to Take Care of Yourself (without feeling guilty)

5 Reasons to Take Care of Yourself (without feeling guilty)


Sometimes carving time out of your schedule for yourself is a really difficult thing to do – you feel like everything else you have to do in a day is a priority over getting yourself to the gym, reading before bed or even ten minutes of mediation to clear your mind. It’s not exactly easy – especially for those with full time careers and other obligations – to make sure you take the time you need to stay focused, on track and true to yourself. Here are five reasons you need to take time for yourself, and why you should never feel guilty for doing it.


Cope with Stress and Rejuvenate

Taking some much needed me-time actually allows you to better cope with the stresses your life brings you, whether it’s from children, your career, or any other form. Time is precious and it’s crucial you show up to everything as the best you possible. If you aren’t getting the time you need to appropriately deal with stress then you won’t be the best version of you.


Curb Emotional and Mindless Eating

When you aren’t able to take the time you need to take care of yourself – however you spend that time – the amount of emotional or stress eating will skyrocket. Many women feel they deserve a treat or a way to give themselves something special, but because they don’t have the extra time they believe that food is the way to achieve this need. Over-eating is a classic sign of not enough me-time.


Ensure Others Respect your Time

The way you treat yourself opens the door for how you allow others to treat you. When we don’t treat ourselves as a priority, it means you’re going to allow others to not make you a priority either. If necessary, actually block of time in your calendar for yourself to ensure you get time every single day for yourself. When you don’t move your calendar for anyone on the drop of a hat anymore people will learn to value your time and ensure they respect the schedule you set up for yourself.


Increase your Effectiveness

Sufficient rest time, which is personal me-time too, will actually make you a much more effective person. Rest is crucial both for focus and relaxation – even when it seems like you have too much to do, take some time to recharge yourself. If you are absolutely exhausted all the time you’ll be less mentally ready for the tasks at hand and will likely do everything in your life to a lesser standard than you normally would.


Create a Regular Fitness Schedule

Fitness – even if you don’t go to the gym – is still incredibly important to maintain a balanced life. With that in mind you need to carve out the time to get fitness into your life, and make it a priority for yourself. When you actually put it into your schedule, it’s like a meeting with yourself so you know you have to go. Don’t be afraid to put regular workouts into your schedule – if it’s in front of your eyes you’re less likely to forget about it or ignore it.