The Best Way to Get Back into Fitness After Having a Baby

The Best Way to Get Back into Fitness After Having a Baby


Having a baby is tough – both physically and emotionally. If you had a regular workout routine before baby came along you might find yourself pinched for time now. If you didn’t frequent the gym before having your little one, you might find yourself in a position now where you’d like to lose that extra baby weight you just can’t seem to get rid of. Here’s some of the best ways to get your pre-baby body, and routine, back if you’re struggling to make it happen.


Make Some Friends

This might sound weird, and you’re thinking “I already have friends, thanks” but make friends who are also new moms. You’ll likely go through the same struggles and issues, so you can vent to them but what’s more is you can form meeting groups and do activities like going for long walks where you can bring baby along. This means you’re getting out, getting active and maintaining a social life.


Find the Right Workout

New moms aren’t likely cleared for working out until about 6 or 8 weeks postpartum, potentially longer if you delivered via cesarean. Even if you have been cleared to work out that doesn’t mean that every option out there will be right for you. Be realistic about what you can do and your limitations. Find something you enjoy doing, form a workout group or find a gym that encourages new moms to join. If you don’t enjoy doing it, you won’t do it – so find what you enjoy.


Be Mindful of Food

This seems like common sense but it’s much easier to be mindful of food when you don’t have a little one to be worried about. Check what your diet looks like – and be honest about it! Figure out where you can adjust and ensure you’re eating proper, nutritional food. You’re taking such great care of your new addition, make sure you take care of you too!


Get Enough Sleep

As a new mom you’re probably thinking this is crazy, but try. Getting enough sleep is crucial for a well-balanced life. It’s not selfish to try to get some sleep in – the dishes can wait, laundry can wait, take a nap, go to bed early. Do what you can to make sure you’re getting enough sleep.


Make a Routine

Be realistic about this – figure out what works best for your schedule and your partner’s, if possible. Find days and times where it’s in the calendar that you’re working out and it’s your time to reset. Let your partner know you need them on that day to be home so you can have some you time. Stick to your days and you’ll be back into it in no time.


No matter how you get back into fitness after having your baby it’s important that you do. Fitness is essential for a balanced life and can really help you to reset your mind. It’s also time for you to spend by yourself – or with a group – and get some much needed you-time. Being able to reset and relax is important as a new mom, so take the time to focus on you sometimes and that way you can be the best possible mom when you get home.