How to drink more water

The best ways to drink more water


Do you drink enough water? Do you even know how much water is enough? First, take your body weight and divide by two, then that is the amount of ounces you need to be drinking every day.


  1. Drink out of a mug – Just try it! There is something very satisfying about drinking out of a mug
  2. Set higher goals – If you need to drink 8 glasses and you set your goal for 8 but only get in 6, then you’re behind. But if you set the goal to 10 glasses and only get 8 then you are right on track
  3. Warm it up – drink it warm and add some lemon and/or cinnamon.
  4. Big bottle – using a really big water bottle will help you drink more to keep emptying the bottle
  5. Use a bottle that has measurements – this will keep you on track because you can do the simple math to get you to your goals.
  6. Keep water where you are – keeping it in your sight or around you then you will be inclined to drink more water. Even on your night table beside the bed!
  7. Use an app – there are plenty of apps that you can download to keep track of your water intake
  8. Add hair elastics to your water bottle – using the hair elastics will keep track of the amount of times you refill your bottle
  9. Time stamp your day – by certain times in the day you have to have drank a certain amount of water.
  10. Drink after every bathroom break – You will be sure to drink lots of water this way
  11. Add flavour to your water – add some frozen fruit or a splash of lemon juice to give it some flavour
  12. Dilute sugary drinks with water and ice – This way you’re still getting the taste you want but you’re increasing your water too
  13. Choose sparkling water over pop – just choose water!


Water is so so important so whatever you need to do, just make sure you are drinking your water!!

How to get motivated!!

How to get motivated for 2017

Alright, New Year, New Me! That is all we are hearing right now. Let’s face it, getting out and working out probably isn’t high on the priority list even if you want it to be. So how can you change that?

  1. Find a friend or someone to be your accountability partner. Use this person as much as you can, tell each other when you are going to work out and check in and make sure they worked out. Or check in to see what they are eating.
  2. Plan your workout schedule ahead of time. Make it as important as a work meeting.
  3. Get competitive! Put a challenge out there. I know you’ve got some Facebook friends that would love to be in a challenge.
  4. Write down your goals and look at that list ALL THE TIME! Leave the list where you will see it all the time – the car, the fridge, the bathroom mirror. It’s not about shaming yourself but
  5. Follow a specific program. This can be a program designed by a trainer, like me, or by going to classes.
  6. Wear a fitness tracker. You can even challenge other people with them as well.
  7. Be specific with your goals!
  8. Book a workout with a trainer.
  9. Use your alarm clock. Get your workout done first thing in the morning before you can come up with a million excuses why you shouldn’t.
  10. Consider this your “me time”. This is all about you anyways!
  11. Listen to motivating music! Something that will make you want to move.
  12. Change your workout to your mood. Figure out what gets you through what and stick with that.
  13. Plan your workouts around your favourite shows. You won’t miss your shows so as soon as they are done, hit the gym!
  14. Most importantly, make it fun! Go somewhere that makes you want to go, somewhere you feel great and welcomed.