20 snacks that will help curb your hunger!

So you are SO hungry, you want a snack, but what will you have?? Here are 20 snacks to help curb your hunger!

  1. Yogurt – this is the perfect snack any time of the day
  2. Oranges – perfect on the go snack
  3. Oatmeal – slow burning carb to keep you full longer
  4. Watermelon – Awesome on a hot summer day
  5. Protein bars – easy, quick snack for when you’re in a hurry
  6. Apricots – an apricot only have 17 calories! (whaaaaat??)
  7. Pretzels – they are low in fat
  8. Carrots – well, who doesn’t like carrots?
  9. Almonds – they are a great source of B vitamins
  10. Bananas – easy, no mess snack
  11. Grapes – we all know what grapes make 😉
  12. Edamame – it’s a great source of protein
  13. Hummus – contains about 20 essential amino acids
  14. Cottage cheese – by weight it is 10% protein
  15. Apples – you have so many options with apples!
  16. String cheese – you get about 25% of your daily value of calcium
  17. Kale Chips – come on, it is kale!
  18. Fruit smoothies – you can get 50% your daily vitamins in one of these bad boys!
  19. Popcorn – Great night time snack
  20. Sunflower Seeds – They are 20% protein by weight

5 Common Metabolism Problems & Their Solutions

5 Common Metabolism Problems & Their Solutions

1. You don’t strength train — Even at a normal weight, when you lack muscle, your resting metabolic rate will be lower than you’d like. If you want to burn more calories, even when at rest, you need to keep muscle on your body.

SOLUTION: Start adding strength training to your workout routine!Valuable-Sleep

2. You’re not getting enough sleep — If you are not getting enough rest your resting metabolic rate will actually slow down to conserve energy, therefor burning LESS calories.

SOLUTION: Aim for 7-9 hours a night

3. You’re eating foods that are killing your metabolism — Things like artificial sweeteners, fruit juice and canola oil are classified as toxins by your body. So they slow down your metabolism and can cause other health issues.

SOLUTION: Eat unprocessed, whole foods

Blue Weights, Green Apple, and Tape Measure

4. You’re not working out hard enough — When you work out harder, it takes the body longer to recover, which makes your metabolism work harder.

SOLUTION: Start adding HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts into your routine.Mature older people lifting weights

5. You’re getting older — Your metabolism is naturally going to slow as you age.

SOLUTION: Keep active!!

Top 10 Fitness Facts!

Top 10 Fitness factsbrainPower


  1. Exercise boosts brain power — and who doesn’t want that? It helps clear your thoughts, and get you out of brain fog.
  2. Movement melts stress away — we could all use a good stress reliever. Take a thirty minute walk, choose the stairs at work or go for a swim, it doesn’t have to be hard or complicated – just move!
  3. Exercise gives you energy — you would think you would be more tired after exercising, but it is the opposite. You will get a boost of energy when you are done and you will be ready to start your day.
  4. It is easy to make time for fitness — you have to make the time, book it into your schedule like any other appointment that you can’t miss. Just change how you do things, bike to work, take the stairs or go for family walks after dinner.
  5. Fitness can build relationships — you never know who you will meet. The person beside you in a class or on the next treadmill could be a lawyer or another mom also dealing with a temperamental toddler, in the gym they are all real people fighting the same battle — living a healthy lifestyle.running heart
  6. Exercise helps ward off disease — When you exercise you are keeping every part of you healthy. When your body is healthy and working properly, there is little chance for sickness or disease. 
  7. Fitness keeps your vital organs healthy — well they are vital, so we need to keep them healthy. Cardio can be boring, but it what keeps your lungs and heart healthy. We need to get thirty minutes of exercise every day – minimum!
  8. Exercise let’s you eat more — now let’s not get crazy! But, you will be more hungry as you burn more calories so go ahead and have some more to eat.
  9. Exercise boosts performance — Yes in more than one way 😉 It helps you perform everything better, mentally, physically and everything in between.
  10. Weight loss — this should never be the number one reason for fitness and exercise! But it can be a nice side effect.

40 easy self care tips!

We are all so busy, you have to pack the kids lunches, get them to school, take them to their activities, then your work schedule and deadlines, then your spouse has their own schedule. Then you have family functions to add into the schedule, birthday parties oh and somewhere in there someone has to cook dinner. When do you find time to take care of you? Do you even know what you enjoy anymore? I find myself asking that a lot, what do I enjoy? I spend so much time changing diapers and chasing my toddler, is that what I enjoy? Well, of course I do, I wouldn’t have it any other way. But there is something about sitting in a piping hot bath in peace and quiet… AAAAHHHH!! That is nice.


As moms, we tend to run ourselves dry making sure everyone else is taken care of. STOP DOING THAT!!! You need to stop doing it right now! If you can’t take care of yourself, how do you expect to take care of anyone else? Make sure you take time everyday for some self care, it doesn’t have to take a long time. Here is a list of some suggestions, some of these are my most favourite part of my day.


  1. Drink a HOT coffee — even if you have to wake up early
  2. Eat a HOT meal!
  3. Take a bath — ALONE!
  4. Go for a walk
  5. Try meditation
  6. Do a yoga class
  7. Go shopping — you don’t even have to buy anything
  8. Relax and listen to music — your kind of music, no more Frozen soundtrack!
  9. Call a friend — actually call them, hear their voice, hear them laugh!
  10. Write a list of everything you are grateful for — keep it somewhere safe and look at it every time you need a pick me up
  11. Say NO!
  12. Get more sleep
  13. Get some sunlight
  14. Ask for help — You don’t have to do this alone
  15. Use your slow cooker — save yourself some time
  16. Remember to breathe — big deep breaths
  17. Put down your phone!!
  18. Eat nutritious, healthy food
  19. Delegate tasks you don’t necessarily need to do — the kids can help with laundry, hire a cleaning service, get a babysitter
  20. Wear clothes that make you feel good
  21. Go to the spa
  22. Do your hair and make up — if that makes you feel better!
  23. Get a massage
  24. Colour in a colouring book
  25. Take a nap
  26. Play with your pet
  27. Read a book — not just a children’s story
  28. Drink more water
  29. Dance — like noone is watching
  30. Tell others what they mean to you
  31. Avoid processed foods
  32. Throw away things you don’t need
  33. Immerse yourself in motivational quotes — this always makes me feel good
  34. Swim — just float!
  35. Just sit
  36. Eat a treat — something you really enjoy
  37. Look through photos that make you happy
  38. Rub your temples
  39. Change your bedding
  40. SMILE!!