Make ahead muffin tin eggs

Super easy breakfast idea!


These awesome little muffin tin eggs are so easy to make, freeze, reheat and eat on the go you will want to make a big batch so you will be prepared on busy mornings.


Let’s do this … Preheat your oven to 350


So start with your basics, eggs, milk and cheese… you can do this!

Then, spray your muffin tin VERY WELL! Toss in your goodies, I like to do a variety so I can switch it up a little each morning.


Then pour in your egg and cheese mixture. Fill about ¾ of the muffin hole.


Add a little extra cheese on top. Mmmmmmm! Then pop them in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes (or until the centers are baked through).


Voila!! A super healthy, yet quick breakfast. Now eat them fresh or throw some in the freezer and just reheat them on your busy mornings.

What is TRX?

What is TRX? You probably see them in most gym facilities, those black and yellow straps hanging from the metal bars. How would they really help me lose weight and get stronger?


Let’s start with the history of TRX. It was invented by Navy SEALs, as you could imagine they aren’t really able to carry around heavy weights or large pieces of workout equipment on their deployment. They needed something more compact, lightweight and portable.


With TRX you’re going to improve your strength, flexibility, balance and core stability simultaneously with every exercise. Bottom line, Suspension training leverages the user’s body weight and gravity to execute a ton of exercises. It’s perfect for any fitness level because you control how hard you want to make each exercise, all you have to do is adjust your body position to change the level of resistance.


TRX is really cool because it’s not like any other piece of equipment or any other workout. Instead of one piece of equipment that works one body part, it’s one piece of equipment that works multiple body parts – at the same time! But it’s more than that, every exercise engages your core and develops balance, coordination and flexibility all while having fun. Using TRX is a great way to perfect form and prevent injuries.



It’s FUN!!
– Full body workout, with every exercise engaging your core
– For any fitness levels and any goals
– Lose weight, gain strength & muscle tone
– Improve core stability, agility & balance
– See changes FAST

-a fast effective, total body workout

-helps build a rock solid core

-can be set up anywhere, anytime

-improve muscle endurance

All in all, it’s a great way to get a full body workout for any fitness level using one piece of equipment.