Learn the art of infant massage!

Learn the Art of Infant Massage!


Claire Jackson was looking for an infant massage class in the London area for her daughter, after a frustrating search she could not locate a course suitable to normal family life (class time, older siblings welcome). Through her frustration her new career path was realized.


Claire recently attended a course held in Toronto by Tina Allen, founder of leading children’s health and nurturing touch organization Liddle Kidz Foundation and has now become an internationally Certified Infant Massage Teacher.


She has launched her business, Nurturing Baby, which offers parent educational courses in the healing art of Infant Massage.


Touch is critical for healthy development of a child and the abundance or absence of touch received in childhood shapes their emotional balance, physiological well-being. Infant massage provides the parent/caregiver with the opportunity to communicate love, comfort, care and support for their baby through the power of touch.


There are many benefits both to baby and parent/caregiver of Infant Massage some of which are:



The focused time together promotes attachment, self-esteem and respect for baby whilst enabling the caregiver to become more in tune with their baby and develop an understanding of the child’s unique rhythms.



Infant massage contributes to development by stimulating growth and healthy development of your baby’s body, mind and spirit. It may also encourage benefits such as improved sleeping patterns, digestion and muscle tone.



The special time together provides the opportunity for baby to communicate verbal and non-verbal cues whilst providing the caregiver the opportunity to learn and understand these cues.


But most importantly, it’s fun for both you and baby!


Claire puts her new skills into practice on her own younger daughters who love their massage time before bed from either mommy or daddy – who has attended Claire’s classes!


Nurturing Baby Infant Massage classes focus on family involvement encouraging caregivers and siblings to attend and participate. Classes are limited in number to provide a warm relaxing and nurturing environment. Various courses are offered for caregivers/babies, expectant parents, fathers/babies only, and workshops for common childhood discomforts.


Nurturing Baby is now booking Infant Massage courses in your area. Contact Claire at www.nurturingbaby.ca  or via FB at www.facebook.com/nurturingbaby to book one of her upcoming courses today!

Benefits of Exercise!!

Most people think exercising is all about weight loss. Those people are what I like to call, WRONG!  That is one reason to exercise but there are so many more reasons. There are plenty of reasons to exercise that have to do with your outward appearance like weight loss and inch loss. It also helps you get stronger, tones your muscles, improves posture and just makes you feel all around better about yourself.


Some of the benefits of exercise are keeping your insides healthy. It helps strengthen your immune system, improves digestion, eases constipation, and speeds up your metabolism.


Being active also helps with your mental health. Exercise sharpens your memory, boosts productivity and creative thinking. It can also help fight depression and anxiety, a lot of doctors start by recommending exercise for these symptoms before heading straight to medicine. When you are active you have better concentration and focus.


Then there are the little things with exercising like boosting your mood, improving balance, helping you to relax, self discipline, and decreased chance of injuries.


I could go on and on about the benefits of exercise but I think you get the point. Exercising and being active is so much more than just losing weight. When combined with healthy eating and proper sleep, the possibilities are endless.