Welcome to Body Design Fitness!

A place where everyone and anyone can come to work out and feel better about themselves. From TRX to Mom and Baby Bootcamp, Body Design Fitness offers a variety of classes to suit your needs.
We offer a variety of classes from Bootcamps and TRX in the evenings and on weekends to Mom & Baby TRX and Bootcamps during the day and some evenings. We love to help not only new moms, but everyone on their journey to become healthier. I really love and am impressed with the amount of people who make the time to do something for themselves and even include their little ones. When you include your baby in your workout, it is a whole new bonding experience. When you register for a fitness class, you don’t always know what to expect but I can tell you that you will not only come out at the end being much more healthy and more fit, but also with some friends and a great support system.
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